Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern all contracts entered into by the Company for the supply of sale of goods or services. Any order given to the Company shall be deemed to constitute an Agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. No variations of these terms and conditions shall be of any effect unless agreed by the company in writing.

Definition: ‘The Company’ refers to Sawhorse Limited, in relation to sales and installation of 3rdSpace garden rooms.

Company Responsibilities

The Company will do the following:

  1. Use materials stated in the specification, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. Do their best to honour the agreed delivery/install date, however the company cannot guarantee the install date and cannot be held responsible for postponement or delay outside of our control (for example extreme weather conditions), and cannot be liable for compensation for delays.
  3. Be responsible for any damage caused to premises and its contents.
  4. Leave the working area clean and tidy condition after finishing the work.
  5. Keep to all legal duties and responsibilities.
  6. The company will not deliver buildings or machinery through domestic buildings without prior consultation (and only if agreed during site survey – charges will apply if floor or wall protection is requested).

Customer Responsibilities

The customer will do the following:

  1. Give the Company access to the premises during the agreed working hours/period of installation.
  2. Keep the working area sufficiently clear of obstructions to allow the company to carry out the work.
  3. Allow access to electricity and water (if applicable).
  4. Allow access to a WC.
  5. Provide a level site/base with sufficient drainage in place with an area of no less than 400mm in addition to the external dimensions of the building to allow construction. No responsibility can be taken by the company for damage to the garden building due to unstable ground.

Planning Permission

  1. In many cases planning permission will not be required; however it is recommended that the customer checks with their local planning officer prior to placing a deposit. No responsibility can be accounted to the Company for none compliance with planning legislation.
  2. If appointed, the Company will provide a service to produce drawings and other information in order to submit a planning application. It should be noted that planning approval is not guaranteed and the fee agreed will be payable regardless of the planning decision.

Changing the Work Details

The customer can make changes to the work details. Changes will be dealt with as follows:

  1. Changes made to the works after the deposit has been received may be subject to restocking fee and any specific project/material costs incurred.
  2. If the changes increase the amount of work and the Company agrees the changes, the Company will quote for the extra work and time involved. The customer will then decide if to go ahead with the changes.

Extending the Delivery and/or Installation Period

The Company will always try to honour the agreed delivery/install date, however they cannot guarantee the date. The customer will extend the working period by a fair and reasonable amount if the company:

  1. Has to spend extra time on the work due to changes made to the work details
  2. Cannot finish the work on time due to reasons beyond their control, including extreme weather conditions and any delay caused by the customer, and cannot be liable for compensation.

Interruptions/Delays During Site Installation Period

  1. If the customer requests a break in work on site, during installation period, The Company reserves the right to charge for incurred labour or associated costs for any operatives/installers on site during the delay.

Health & Safety

The Company will take practical steps to:

  1. Prevent or minimise health and safety risks to the customer and other people living in or visiting the site.
  2. Minimise environmental disturbance, nuisance or pollution from the work; and
  3. Make sure any temporary protection for the work is safe and waterproof.
  4. The Customer will: Take notice of all warning the Company or contractor gives about any health and safety or environmental risks which he is taking measures to prevent or minimise; and
  5. Not knowingly allow people living in or visiting the premises, particularly children, to be exposed to any dangers from the work.


When the works have been agreed the Company will invoice the amounts due. The invoice will show the rate of VAT charged.

The customer will:

  1. Pay a 50% deposit to begin off-site manufacture and secure a proposed installation date.
  2. Pay 45% instalment prior to building delivery date.
  3. Pay the remaining 5% (plus and agreed extras) strictly on the final day of installation; the finished building should be inspected and signed off prior to payment.
  4. Pay invoices in accordance with above schedule. Interest will be charged at a rate of 5% per month on overdue payments.

All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full. Any balance of payment is due strictly on the final day of installation; the finished building should be inspected and signed off prior to payment. Outstanding balances may be paid by bank transfer (copy of transaction required). Any cheque payments to be cleared prior to completion.


The customer can cancel the order and will be subject to the following:

  1. If cancelled within 7 days of deposit being received, the deposit will be returned in full (within 30 days) minus any specific project/material costs incurred.
  2. If the customer cancels the order less than 7 days prior to the installation, the deposit is not eligible for return unless special circumstances are granted (at the Company’s discretion) where the deposit may be returned minus any specific project/material costs incurred.

The Company reserves the right to dismantle and remove any buildings not paid for in full. The customer must allow full access to the site for this purpose and will be notified in writing of this intent.

Continuing Responsibilities

Timber is natural material, as such is subject to slight dimensional change depending on climatic conditions. It is not unusual to encounter slight movement in timber throughout the seasons, resulting is uneven shadow gaps and possible bowing of timbers, all of which are normal within certain tolerances and should be viewed as the nature of the material.


The Company will guarantee the garden rooms as follows:

  1. All works carried out by the Company are covered by a workmanship guarantee for a period of 12 months from completion date.
  2. Where external contractors are used by the customer, separate Terms and Conditions should be sought.
  3. Any defects/faults due to workmanship or defective materials (other than wear and tear) will be rectified within 3 months of notification.
  4. The customer must report any defects as soon as they become apparent.
  5. The Company will give the customer any guarantees issued by other manufacturers of products installed in the works.

Ownership of Land

It is the customers responsibility to ensure the building and any related works is carried out on land owned by themselves.

Our Rights

The company reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions however the Terms and Conditions will remain fixed upon confirmation of order and receipt of deposit. The above Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.


  1. It is recommended that customers notify their insurers of the garden room, with view to include it on their home insurance/building policy, at it’s full value. The Company cannot be held responsible for any contents of the garden room once in the customer’s possession.
  2. The Company holds the relevant Public Liability insurances required for carrying out the works, a copy may be requested.