Below is a list of the common queries/notes that relate to our garden rooms. Although this is by no means extensive – if you have a particular question or would just like to find out more, please get in touch.

COVID-19 Installation update

Due to circumstances around COVID-19, we have taken practical steps to minimise risk during site installations. Where possible, we request dedicated use of a WC for site operatives in your property during install working hours. For maximum safety we are also recommending that property owners avoid the work area during installations, with any face-to-face conversations with installation manager carried out whilst strictly adhering to 2 metres distance.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Thanks to the 2.5m height of all 3rdSpace garden rooms, planning permission is not usually required, except for in conservation areas or when part of a flat. We can advise on each individual case, and submit applications where required.

What Foundations Are Needed?

Our garden rooms sit on a series of pedestal feet. We can supply free setting out drawings for completion of groundworks by a local contractor, which can be carried out prior to installation.

Are The Buildings Insulated?

For excellent thermal performance, each wall, ceiling and floor panel is insulated with a minimum 80mm Celotex insulation board.

Do I Need Any Heating & Cooling?

In general, very little heating, if any at all, is required due to the excellent insulating properties. Where your garden room benefits from a sunny position, we recommend a form of shading to reduce solar gain. Options include external louvre screens, or internal aluminium blinds.

What Is The Roof Made Of?

We use Firestone EDPM rubber membrane for the roof, over insulated timber panels. The roof slopes slightly, draining into a black downpipe. We recommend fitting a water butt to collect this water for use on your garden.

Are There Any Installation Requirements?

We recommend placing your garden room a minimum of 500mm from any boundaries/ fences, for room to safely install the panels. During the installation period, we request basic provisions for the installation team (access to water, WC and electrics)

What Is The Payment Schedule?

The initial 50% deposit places your order and secures an installation date. A further 45% payment will be requested on delivery. The final 5% (along with any agreed extras) will be due on completion. Then is is yours to enjoy!

Can I Arrange A Site Visit?

Yes! Just send us a few details using the contact form and we will get in touch to arrange a time convenient to you.